Two new aspects of treatment related to prostate cancer are now available in Las Vegas: HIFU and Space-Oar. HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound which can be aimed at prostate cancer tissue in minute sections only about 1mm by 0.3mm by 0.3mm at a time, allowing very precise administration of energy to kill cancer tissue and minimize side effects. This treatment has been used abroad for many years but is newer to the United States. The procedure is done with general anesthesia but does not require staying in a hospital. Side effects such as Erectile Dysfunction and Urinary Incontinence are much lower than other curative treatments such as radiation or surgery, and in select cases, only parts of the prostate can be treated resulting in even fewer side effects. Since this is new and not many Urologists are offering this ground-breaking treatment, insurance does not cover this treatment but it is becoming more and more popular and is available through Dr. Newman.

For those patients who do choose radiation as their treatment of choice for prostate cancer, Space Oar is an advance that decreases the potential side effects. Other advances, such as the source of radiation rotating at different angles already help avoid potential side effects, and

Space Oar takes that a step further. Space Oar is a biodegradable hydrogel that can be injected precisely between the prostate and the rectum (as either an office or sometimes a hospital procedure) which temporarily creates extra space behind the prostate and this further minimizes the radiation dose that could reach the rectal area. The gel is biodegradable and is expected to be reabsorbed within about 3 months of administration. This is available through Dr. Newman’s office in coordination with the Radiation Therapist physician who may be supervising your radiation treatment.