Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

erectile dysfunctionErectile Dysfunction (ED) Symptoms

When you have erectile dysfunction, it is hard to get or keep an erection that is firm enough for sex. Most men have trouble with erections from time to time, but in some men it is a regular and more bothersome problem. ED can cause:

Low self-esteem
Performance anxiety

ED may affect the quality of a marriage or intimate relationships.

ED Diagnosis

Finding the cause of your ED will help your health care provider find the best treatment choices for you. Most health care providers will ask you about your general health and the history of your erection problem. Your health care provider may also give you a physical exam and order lab tests.

Your doctor will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle. For example, certain medicines may be helping to cause your erectile dysfunction (ED). Also, smoking or alcohol use can affect erections. Being open with your health providers will allow them to find the best treatment choices for you. It’s important to discuss different things that you can do to improve your condition and your health.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) depends on what is causing it.

Your health care provider may ask you to change certain habits, stop smoking, or using drugs or alcohol. He or she may suggest treatment for emotional problems, relationship conflicts, depression, or performance anxiety. Or you may be asked to change the way you take other medicines. (Never stop or change any drug without first talking to your health care provider.)
Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If a blood test shows low testosterone levels (low T), testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) may help. However, adding TRT will not help your erection problems if you have normal testosterone levels.

Dietary supplements (often called “herbal remedies”) for ED are popular but may not be safe or even work. Unlike prescription drugs, they do not have to be proven to work to be sold. Check with your health care provider before you take any supplements or drugs to treat your ED.
Other Treatments

Most of the best-known treatments for ED work well and are safe. But in making your choice, ask your health care provider about any possible problems that could result with each option:

Vacuum erection device
Oral drugs
Drugs in the penis

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