Urinary Incontinence

urinary incontinenceUrinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is leaking of urine that you can’t control. Many men and women suffer from this. We don’t know for sure exactly how many. That’s because many people do not tell anyone about their symptoms. They may be embarrassed, or they may think nothing can be done. So they suffer in silence.

UI is not just a medical problem. It can affect emotional, psychological and social life. Many people are afraid to do normal daily activities. They don’t want to be too far from a toilet. It can keep people from enjoying life.

Many people think urinary incontinence is just part of getting older. But it’s not. And it can be managed or treated. Learn more here. Talk to your doctor. Find out what treatment is best for you.

Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Treatment depends on finding the cause of incontinence. Treatments can range from simple exercises to changes in your medications of adding a new medication. More complex treatments can include nerve stimulation treatments, botox injections into the bladder, or surgery.

Dr. Lawrence Newman specializes in treating urinary incontinence. Contact his office today for an appointment with your urologist Las Vegas, NV.