Dr. Lawrence Newman – Las Vegas Urologist

As one of the leading urologists in Las Vegas, Dr. Lawrence H. Newman, M.D. takes pride in the individual attention and personalized service each one of his patients receives. This is the benefit of running his practice like a solo practice but within the leading urology group practice in Las Vegas. His office is at 7150 W Sunset Road Suite 201A.

Las Vegas’ Leading Urologist


Whether we are seeing you for prostate cancer, kidney stones, urinary infections, incontinence, vasectomy, infertility, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder or other issues, you feel comfortable and not rushed in your visit with your trusted Las Vegas urologist. We provide for most insurances and our staff can answer specific coverage questions when you call.



Doctor is derived from the Latin word Doceo, meaning to teach. We take our role as teachers seriously…our job is to educate our patients about their symptoms, their workups, their diagnoses, and treatment options. Through informed choices, our patients can receive optimal Urologic care that they and their referring physicians are comfortable with.


To provide top quality Urology care in Las Vegas, we provide a patient friendly environment which also helps support referring physicians in their role as providers for our patients.



We provide care promptly and see new patient referrals quickly. No one whose primary care physician tells them to see a Urologist wants to wait a month for the privilege. We consider the opportunity to treat our patients as OUR privilege…we are here to serve. Our staff including the physician when appropriate will return calls from patients promptly as well. Patients can be in pain, worried about cancer, confused, and stressed…we try to recognize these conditions in every patient and are appropriately supportive.


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Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-5pm Friday: 8am-4:30pm