As men age, their testosterone levels naturally decrease. This hormone, produced in the testicles, influences everything from sex drive to bone and muscle mass. When testosterone levels drop, men might experience reduced libido, suffer from fatigue and even lose their hair. While the level of this hormone normally declines with age, it can also drop suddenly in men of all ages. Whether the condition is caused by aging or something else, you don’t have to live with it. Many men are good candidates for testosterone supplements, which can restore the hormone to normal levels and dramatically improve quality of life. The following tips will help you determine if you might need to have your testosterone levels checked.



Sexual Problems

Because testosterone is an important sex hormone in men, too little of it can reduce a man’s sex drive. While sex drive often declines as a normal part of aging, a sudden and drastic drop could indicate low testosterone. Men with low testosterone may also have trouble achieving an erection or experience a reduction in semen volume. They may also experience fertility problems.


Physical Changes

Testosterone is responsible for many traditionally male characteristics, so a deficiency of this hormone can affect everything from body hair to muscle. Men with low testosterone may experience a wide variety of bodily changes, some of which they might dismiss as part of aging but that might actually indicate the need for testosterone supplementation. For example, they might begin to lose their hair and notice a loss in bone or muscle mass. The loss of bone mass can make men more prone to suffering bone fractures. By contrast, they might also have increased body fat and some men even begin to grow breast tissue.


Emotional Changes

A decrease in testosterone can also impair mood and mental functioning, making men prone to irritability, depression and difficulty concentrating. In addition, they might suffer from fatigue and a lack of energy.


Importance of Regular Checkups

Regular medical exams are important at all stages of life, but especially as you age and begin to experience common age-related problems such as low testosterone. By closely monitoring your health, you can catch low testosterone before it impairs your quality of life, and begin on a treatment program that can keep you feeling your best. For younger men, regular checkups can ensure that a problem such as low testosterone is caught and treated early, reducing the likelihood of any complications or other side effects of a decrease in this important hormone. A simple blood test performed by your physician or urologist can tell you whether your testosterone levels are normal or require treatment.


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