Do you suffer from leakage? Have you ever had a situation, where you laughed so hard you leaked some pee? Or, perhaps you were on your way to the restroom to relieve yourself, but you just didn’t make it in time? If you have encountered any of these situations, then you have probably had the thought “What is going on?” You don’t think that you should be leaking like this. You should be able to make it to the restroom in time for you to void your bladder like a normal person. If you have had this happen to you then you should not worry. Incontinence is a problem that many people have due to the weakening of the bladder muscles and those around it. But, there is help that you can get. Dr. Newman can help you with a situation like this. He knows that this is a problem that many people face, and he can get you the help that you need to regain control over your life and your bladder. You shouldn’t have to be worrying about whether or not you can make it to the bathroom, or if you laugh too hard that some urine might come out. Get help today so that you won’t have to worry about it later.