Bicycling is an excellent form of recreation and exercise. It is also a great means of travel. But science has proven that without a doubt, too much time in the bicycle seat can have serious impact on your sex life. This does not mean that men and women should never ride a bike, but here are some considerations to keep enjoying the bike without taking a bite out of your sex life.

Riders Awareness

The source of the potential problem that can arise from biking is simple and specific. Sex problems are caused from too much time in the narrow bike seat. For both, men and women, who spend too much time bicycling, it is the seat which restrict blood flow in the reproductive area and produces damaged nerves over time that cause numbness and even erectile dysfunction. This is why statistics show that men and women who have biking jobs; such as, bike racers, bike messengers, and even police bikers, in most cases experience some sort of sexual dysfunction that is specifically associated with their long hours on the bike.

Take action before permanent damage is done

As mentioned above you don’t have to chain up your bike forever, and you can keep the bite and bark in your sex life, but take simple precautions;

  • Get a more comfortable bike seat, a seat that is wider, and one that has plenty of cushions.
  • Make proper adjustments to your bike seat. Keep the seat level and make sure it is not raised to high. Your bike seat must be positioned for total comfort.
  • When riding adjust yourself to relieve pressure and allow for good circulation.
  • If you feel any numbing or tingling while riding stop the bike, get off, and take a breath so things can flow naturally and unrestricted.
  • Again biking is a great aerobic exercise, and an affordable means of transportation, but as with all things in life, apply moderation and use sound judgment to get the best out of your biking experience. Remember your health is your primary wealth.

In Las Vegas Dr. Lawrence Newman and staff is here to provide all your urological needs. Whether you are a biker, or you are a male of female with any concerns about your urinary and/or reproductive organs, don’t hesitate to make an appointment and receive caring and knowledgeable free consultation to plan the best course of action. Remember always take proactive measures in the course of your life to maintain health your number one wealth.