sexandthe olympics

Sex and the Olympics

There seems to be a controversy about whether or not normal sexual activity should be part of pre-competition training or should be avoided especially before a major important competition such as an Olympic event. This concept has been touched on in movies such as Rocky in which his coach told him to avoid sex. Those who are not professional athletes might wonder if there is a clear cut explanation about how participating or not can affect an Olympic athletes performance and how this information might apply to others. Sex before a job interview? Sex before a weekend softball game? Sex before taking the SAT? Sex before a Fantasy Football Draft? Wouldn’t it be great to know…yes or no? Yay or nay? Partake or abstain?

So, What about Sex and the Olympics

The final section of the article in the link above is called “Sex Advice for Athletes.” The content includes the following conflicting information (paraphrased for clarity): 1) Sex is not only fun but also healthy BUT avoid it for a few days if you need strong concentration in your sport. 2) Don’t have sex until after your final event BUT if you have sex and still get a good night’s sleep its probably OK. Well, if still confused this should REALLY clear things up for you: 3) If having sex is normal for you BUT you think that you should not have sex before a competition, then you better not, because this will make you feel guilty and that guilt might affect your performance. Unless sex helps you sleep better, then it is ok, but not after a night of drinking and partying.

Well, this article does confirm one belief that many wise readers probably share. When it comes to sex, very few people can ever agree about anything! This is the opinion of a Las Vegas Urologist, Dr. Lawrence Newman.