Overactive Bladder

Do you find yourself always visiting the restroom? If so, then you may be suffering from overactive bladder. People who suffer from overactive bladder are always having to be mindful of where the restroom is in the event that they need to make a quick visit.


What to Know

The condition of overactive bladder can effect both men and women. There are different ways of treating overactive bladder, some of which being medication and even Botox injections.


In an article called “Combo Superior for Overactive Bladder in BPH Patients”, a study by Iqbal Singh, MD, shows that people found improvement in their overactive bladder conditions, by using a combination therapy group. The medication used was tamsulosin and dafirenacin.


What Works for You?

If you believe that you are suffering from overactive bladder, then it is best that you get treatment right away. Dr. Lawrence Newman is a Las Vegas urologist that can help with all of your bladder needs.