hair lossMen, are you concerned about hair loss?  A growing bald spot?  Or just thinning in an awkward spot?  Want to stay beautiful forever?  Well you may want to think twice about the importance of your hair pattern before starting on propecia.  You may be trading a few strands of hair to combat your hair loss for other very important capabilities.

What Are We Talking About Here?

The drug known as propecia is also a prescription remedy for prostate enlargement called finasteride but at 5 times the propecia dose.  It is also known as Proscar, and a very similar medication known as dutasteride, or Avodart.  These drugs act by shrinking the prostate size but act on a hormonal basis, as opposed to the other common class of medications used for prostate symptoms which acts by relaxing the muscle tissue component of the prostate to allow easier and more complete urinating.

At least one prominent urologist mentioned in the article has seen not only persistent difficulty with erections in the patients on the medications to shrink the prostate but decreased libido and changes in mood and affect.  The most frightening thing is that stopping the medicine does not predictably lead to resolution of the side effects.  I have been very hesitant to prescribe these drugs over the last few years as these side effects became more well-known.

Hair Loss May Be Fixed But What Is The Most Common Sexual Side Effect?

With the other class of prostate medications, alpha blockers, men may experience retrograde ejaculationSemen does not come out of the end of the penis but goes backwards into the bladder, and flows out with the next urination.  This is not problematic unless one is trying to conceive a child.  A few patients are still disturbed by this side effect but this does reverse quickly when the drug is stopped. Las Vegas urologist, Dr. Lawrence Newman, has experience treating these issues.