For the most part, we all know what the bladder is used for. The phrase “I need to empty my bladder” is usually used when we need to go to the restroom. Our bladder is an essential organ for us, and most of us do not really know a lot about it, other than it holds our urine. Here are some facts about the bladder from Livestrong,



The bladder is a great organ which holds our urine. Because of the bladder we find that we are not having to use the restroom the moment we take in fluids. As adults, the bladder sits just behind the pelvis, but you may not have known that when we are babies the bladder is actually in our abdomen. It isn’t until we are at age six when the bladder starts moving down towards our pelvis.



Normally, we do not think about how much fluid our bladders can hold. But, they are actually able to hold more than we think that they can. The average adult can hold about 16 ounces in the bladder for about two to five hours. If there is trauma to your bladder, then it can rupture, which is not a good thing. The most common way a bladder ruptures is when a person is involved in a motor vehicle collision.



Incontinence is the accidental passage of urine. Usually the people have no control over the issue. Roughly 13 million people suffer from bladder incontinence in the United States. It is believed that of those 13 million people, 85% of the people who suffer from incontinence are women. There are several reasons as to why women are more at risk for suffering from incontinence. Some of those reasons are: old age, a higher BMI, being caucasian, and giving birth.
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