sexFace it. Is Sex as we know it doomed? There is no doubt about it. Sex is messy. In this era of developing Artificial Intelligence (AI), self-driving cars, having Alexa from Amazon as a companion, is it really even necessary any longer? Don’t forget about biotechnology, cloning, and gene-splicing. Why bother!!!

Well just hang on a moment. Don’t throw away your lavender candles, don’t erase your mood music, and you had better keep showering regularly, because mating has been found to improve immune responses compared to cloning.

Why Continue to Reproduce Sexually?

Although a small number of animals can clone themselves and have survived successfully up to now, probably 99% need to reproduce sexually so it makes sense to assume that this confers an evolutionary advantage compared to cloning. But now there is objective evidence as an organism has been identified and tested that can reproduce sexually or asexually. It is the Daphnia waterflea. And testing did indeed show superiority of immune response in the sexual reproduced offspring. This is the only thing that was tested in this particular case. Why they didn’t have races between the different types of water fleas I don’t know, or even a trivia contest, how hard can that be to arrange for little fleas. I bet the sexually reproduced fleas would have come out ahead in those contests as well.

What Should You Do?

So if you are single and of reproductive age and plan to have children, don’t stay alone at night binging on Netflix, don’t forget to spray your deodorant, preferably with an attractive musk-like scent included, and be on the lookout for an appropriate and sexually conceived mate. The health of future generations is depending on your selectivity and motivation. And when your kids are old enough you can tell that that their health, vitality, and talents are all due to a bunch of fleas in a test tube in a secret scientific lab. For continued information on this subject check out future blogs by Dr. Newman of Las Vegas Urology.