As we get older, it is common that our bodies start to change, but erectile dysfunction may occur at any age. It may feel like we are losing a part of ourselves, but it does not mean that you should not still enjoy the wonders of sex. You still crave the intense and emotional feelings that love making provides. It can be very disappointing when you realize that you can’t get it up the way that you used to. There is nothing wrong with this. It is something that happens. If and when this happens to you, Las Vegas urologists have your back. They want to get you back to being able to perform the way that you did before. They do not believe that you should have to suffer just because your body isn’t working the way you would like. Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem in men. With Dr. Newman on your side, you will be back to feeling the way that you should. Contact him today so that you can start getting the help that you need.