erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction? Do you want to be longer? Do you want to be straighter? Harder? Well to reach your goal let me throw a couple of curveballs at you.

What are some Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

For symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you have been Viagra’d to death. You have tried Cialis. And it just isn’t happening. The desire is ok. You even had your testosterone level tested. What else can you do? You looked at the vacuum devices online. At least there aren’t side effects as they are mechanical as opposed to chemical. But cumbersome is an understatement!!! It’s fine for some, but not for you and your partner. You don’t want to stick needles in the penis, and you don’t want to consider implant surgery yet. What is left? Well, a less commonly recommended medical treatment is called Muse. It is the same ingredient that is in some meds that are injected into the penis but this comes as a little pellet in a plastic applicator that gets placed into the tip of the penis. It is usually well-tolerated and has definitely helped many people who don’t respond to pills. It usually takes one visit to test it out and another visit for further training to make sure you are adept at administering it.

For curvature of the penis, also known as Peyronie’s disease, there is a relatively new medication called Xiaflex that is injected by a urologist into the scar tissue that causes the curvature. A very tiny amount is injected, less than 1cc, 6 times over about 12 weeks. The medication is a powerful enzyme that dissolves the scar tissue. It is the first medication ever FDA approved for this treatment although dozens of remedies have been tried by doctors over many years without adequate success. Surgery is a last resort and has significant risks. This medication is also being tested for a number of other conditions. Dr. Newman, a Las Vegas urologist, can help you.