Erectile DysfunctionWe’ve all seen movies that have a scene where one partner is waiting in bed and the other partner arrives home to see a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom…but perhaps a trail of blueberries would be more beneficial.  A recent study showed that men who ate diets rich in flavonoids, and especially those with blueberries and citrus fruits in their diet had a 14% lower chance of ED (Erectile Dysfunction).  This was published in  It was not evaluated whether or not these foods can be helpful once symptoms arise.

What can be done?

In general a healthy diet and of course exercise can help preserve erectile function. For those with difficulties despite these suggestions many options are available for treatment of ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Treatment options can include medications that can be administered with a variety of routes as well as surgery if medication is not adequate.  Las Vegas Urology can help evaluate your situation and guide you through the treatment options.