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Ejaculation frequency & prostate cancer

Just What the Doctor Ordered!!! Ejaculation!!!

Well there is an addendum to the age old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And face it…not everyone likes apples. Finally some good evidence that increased frequency of safe sex and more frequent ejaculation can protect men from prostate cancer. The complete findings of a study describing the correlation between prostate cancer and ejaculation will soon be published in European Urology. Ejaculatory frequency of 21 or more times a month was compared in a couple of age groups to those with frequency of 4 to 7 times a month and there was an approximately 20% decrease in prostate cancer rate in the higher frequency groups. This was based on a study of over 31,000 men who filled out questionnaires in 1992 and were followed up until 2010. It was not described as to whether position or time of day or other variables were considered among the men questioned.

What should men do?

Men, if you need help in conveying these study findings to your partner just ask for a doctor’s note at your next appointment with Dr. Newman of Las Vegas Urology. No extra charge!!!

Also feel free to discuss treatment options if your performance is not what you want it to be. There are many options and the little blue pill is one of them but that is not for everyone. Other than various pills are the possibilities of the vacuum device, a urethral suppository called Muse, injection therapy, and a surgical implant. The vacuum device is a low risk solution which some patients find cumbersome and others are thrilled with it. Muse is a medication that is dropped into the urethra, absorbed, and can lead to an erection. Other medications can be injected directly into the penis. Finally, there is the option of a surgically implanted penile prosthesis. There are certainly many options to choose from.