low t pictureAre you feeling tired all the time?  No pep in your step?  Don’t enjoy the activities you used to as much as before, including in the bedroom? You could be suffering from low T, or a low blood testosterone level.  There is a simple blood test to see if this is the case.  Testosterone levels affect many aspects of how you feel and how your body maintains itself.  Low testosterone can, for example, contribute to developing osteoporosis.

This article entitled “Testosterone treatment for older men boosts sexual function: study” presents the results of different studies conducted using a placebo vs. testosterone treatment. Your family physician or a urologist such as Dr. Newman of Las Vegas Urology can order this blood test for you.  If you do consider starting treatment for low T the risks should also be discussed with you and this will depend on any other medical problems you may have. Your condition will have to be monitored with blood tests every few months as well.  Testosterone supplementation can affect the prostate and can also raise your red blood cell count higher than ideal in some cases.