If you are trying to start a family and are running into obstacles, it can be a very stressful, frustrating and emotional time. We can help. We will start by performing an initial work-up and proceed from there. If there is a problem to be addressed, we will guide you through the evaluation and the different treatment options. Some examples of male infertility problems are as follows:

-sperm production problems

-blockage of sperm transport

-sperm antibodies

-sexual problems

-hormonal problems


These problems can plague both the young and old, and many of them are not obvious, so if you are having a problem starting a family do not assume that it must be a problem that your wife or significant other is having. It could be, but you should get checked out, just in case. There are treatment options available to help address these issues.


Is your other half seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, as well? If so, we will work with both you and her doctor, providing a coordinated treatment plan. If both of you are having problems, a coordinated treatment plan will be far more effective than two doctors working independently.


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