Testicle Conditions

Testicle Conditions

This is Balls Blog – Part Two. We have recently reviewed painful testicle conditions. Now we will discuss some that are not typically painful. These conditions usually present as enlargement or swelling as the noticeable symptom. And they vary as to whether they are caused by fluid build-up or solid tissue.

The most dangerous of the three I will discuss today is a testis tumor. The can be noticed as a general enlargement or as a discrete mass on the testicle. It is usually not painful. And it is part of the testicle itself. Any suspicion of this should of course prompt an immediate visit to a physician.

Another condition which causes a general swelling is a hydrocele. If the hydrocele is big enough it might even become difficult to feel the testicle. Usually the fluid is fairly compressible but sometimes it feels tense. This condition is almost like the testicle is inside a water balloon. If enlarging or painful it can be treated surgically.

Another condition caused by fluid accumulation is a spermatocele, or epidydimal cyst. These are usually small cysts within the epididymus and can vary in size from tiny, even smaller than a pea, to several centimeters in diameter. These are also not considered dangerous but can be removed if enlarging or symptomatic.

These conditions can usually be differentiated with a physical exam by a urologist although in many cases a scrotal ultrasound may also be considered. Dr. Newman, a Las Vegas urologist can take care of your urologic needs.