Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the body. These cells can grow together and form masses, called tumors. Bladder cancer is cancer of the bladder—the part of the urinary tract that holds urine until it is released. Bladder cancer can be successfully treated if it is found and addressed early; fortunately, most bladder cancer is diagnosed early on.


One way to help ensure that bladder cancer is caught early is to know the warning signs. Symptoms can include:


-Blood or blood clots in the urine. This is called hematuria and is the most common symptom.


-Pain during urination. This is called dysuria.


-Urinating small amounts, frequently.


-Frequent UTIs (urinary tract infections).


-Pain in the lower back around the kidneys.


-Swelling in the lower legs.


-A growth in the pelvis near the bladder (a pelvic mass).


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