Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the body. These cells can grow together and form masses, called tumors. Bladder cancer is cancer of the bladder—the part of the urinary tract that holds urine until it is released. Bladder cancer can be successfully treated if it is found and addressed early; fortunately, most bladder cancer is diagnosed early on.

The cause of bladder cancer (like most cancers) is unknown, but there are some factors that are believed to contribute to, or make bladder cancer more likely, such as smoking. Bladder cancer is twice as likely to occur in smokers, as opposed to non-smokers. Other factors that have been linked to bladder cancer include exposure to chemicals in the environment and prolonged irritation of the lining of the bladder. The latter can be caused by long-term use of a catheter or radiation treatment.

There are also risk factors for bladder cancer. If you have multiple risk factors, you should consider getting tested regularly. Some of the risk factors are:


-Chemical exposure.

-Age. Bladder cancer is most common in people 60 years old or older.

-Race. Bladder cancer is more common in Caucasian males.

-Diet high in nitrates.

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