If you are a university student, a parent, or a working adult it is pretty likely that caffeine plays a significant role in your life; some would even describe themselves as having a relationship with various forms of caffeine… and for good reason. Caffeine is a stimulant that can have effects on your energy. For those who are working on essays until four in the morning, chasing after rowdy fun-loving children, or have to rise early for that dreaded office meeting- caffeine can be like an angel in disguise.

Students especially like caffeine because it is known to enhance memory. Studies have indicated that caffeine could potentially help boost your memory for up to 24 hours. For those who have an exam coming up… your ears (or eyes) probably perked when you saw this. Now, you still don’t want to overdo it… the last thing you want is to jitter and bounce your way out of a final.

Caffeine can influence weight loss/ maintenance by helping boost your workouts by obviously increasing energy, furthermore caffeine may perhaps influence diet food intake, as caffeinated individuals tend to eat fewer calories. Once again, you don’t want to overdo it… but adding coffee to your diet sounds like the easiest trick in the book!

Furthermore, caffeine could potentially boost your ability to nap and the effect of your nap (admit it, your surprised right?), so caffeine can turn power naps into super-powered naps because of the interchange between the caffeine and adenosine, a chemical compound that causes you to feel sleepy throughout the day. Adenosine increases in your brain while you’re awake and declines again while you sleep. Since caffeine’s effects are highest roughly 30 minutes after you consume it, a 20-minute power nap means you should be waking up around the time your energy boost is climaxing and adenosine levels have fallen.

Now here is one you probably haven’t heard of before, caffeine could reduce erectile dysfunction. Studies have indicated that men who consumed roughly one to two cups of coffee per day were significantly less likely to experience ED. Why you ask? Well caffeine is thought to help relax particular arteries and muscles in the genitals that increase blood flow.

Although there are many benefits to coffee, medical professionals insist that you should never exceed four cups of brewed coffee. Consequences of too much caffeine include heart palpitations, impact on sleep, irritability, stomach pain, diarrhea or upset, or a bad case of “the jitters.” So while there is many benefits to having some freshly brewed coffee… it is important to remember that too much of anything is bad for you. So be responsible and sip on.

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