soap ingredients


The FDA recently ruled on the banning soap ingredients of which triclosan and triclocarban are the most common.

What Can You Use Instead Of These Soap Ingredients?

Lately, there has been talk about banning many soap ingredients. Shocking that old-fashioned plain old soap and water are better than newly formulated bacteria killing concoctions?  I mean, even good old plain soap is a chemical but certainly easier and more available to source.  It should be a general principle that a complex answer to a simple problem is better than a complex answer to a simple problem, so natural soap is a no-brainer. So… all the talk about banning soap ingredients.

Many products might have some of these ingredients.

You can probably search specifically for products you are interested in or check labels around the house.  The regulations don’t take full affect for another year.

What Are Some Unintended Consequences?

Speaking of soap and then looking at it in the universe of unintended consequences, you can be certain without further consideration that using normal dishes and washing them between uses is more environmentally friendly than using paper plates, correct?  Well, what if you use a paper plate but recycle it?  What if the waste from your dishwasher puts toxic post-soap chemicals into the environment?  What about the fossil fuels burned to run the dishwasher?  There is virtually no end to this complexity.

Even in the office simple solutions may seem even silly to patients but if they work I am NOT going to stop recommending them.  For patients with epididymitis which is an infection in a small organ next to the testicle which can be extremely painful the main treatment is antibiotics but I think that warm soaks provides earlier symptomatic relief and also increases blood flow to the area and therefore increased delivery of antibiotics to the area needing treatment.  Simple.but effective. These are the types of early treatments that you can use before you see Las Vegas Urologist, Dr. Larry Newman.