When you have to use the restroom, but you can’t go right away, then you may know that you get antsy. There is not much that you can do when you feel like you need to go, other then go to the restroom. Once in awhile when you have to go it isn’t a big deal, but when the amount of times that you have to excuse yourself because “nature calls” becomes overbearing, then you may have a problem. If this is happening to you then you may have an overactive bladder. The best thing that you can do is get treatment for it. Dr. Newman knows what the problem is, and he knows how to treat it. At Newman Urology you will be seen by someone who has a lot of experience in dealing with this kind of treatment. He knows that when you are suffering from an overactive bladder, you have to plan your whole life around using the restroom. He knows that you should not have to be worrying so much about whether or not you will make it to the restroom on time. He also knows that it can be embarrassing to talk about. Know that there are people there for you. Newman Urology can help you today.