If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, simple lifestyle changes can often improve your condition. This includes getting more exercise, which studies have linked to improved sexual and erectile function in men. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that participants who exercised more frequently had better overall sexual function. Read on to learn more about the beneficial effects of exercise and how you can use it to boost your sexual health.

About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or the inability to maintain an erection, is a relatively common condition in men of all ages. In fact, of men over the age of 20, over 18 million experience this condition, which is caused by a wide range of factors. Multiple studies have linked it to cardiovascular health. Plus, improving overall health through exercise and a healthy diet have also been shown to improve sexual health in men.

What Kind of Exercise Benefits Erectile Dysfunction?

Research has shown that any exercise, even if very low-impact, is better than no exercise. That being said, the Cedars-Sinai study found the most improvement in men who reported exercising a total of 18 metabolic equivalents (METS) per week. This corresponds roughly to 2 hours of strenuous exercise, 3.5 hours of moderate exercise or 6 hours of low-impact exercise. You don’t have to do all high-impact exercises to achieve the desired results. Instead, you can perform several exercises of different intensity levels to achieve 18 METS.

Types of Exercises for Men With Erectile Dysfunction

A wide range of exercises can potentially ease some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and improve sexual functioning. These range from strengthening exercises to high-intensity cardio and aerobic exercises. For example, pelvic training exercises such as Kegels can strengthen the pelvic floor. A brisk 30-minute walk several times a week can benefit both your cardiac health and your sexual performance.

Before You Start an Exercise Program

It’s a good idea to consult a physician before embarking on any regular exercise program, whether it’s low-impact or high-intensity. Your doctor can evaluate your overall health to ensure you’re healthy enough for exercise, as well as recommend what level of exercise your body can handle. If he’s a doctor with experience treating erectile dysfunction (a urologist, for example) he can probably also suggest specific exercises that will provide the greatest benefit in treating the condition.

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